What to Consider When Designing your Walk-In Wardrobe

What to Consider When Designing your Walk-In Wardrobe

Posted September 23, 2019

Walk-in wardrobes come in all shapes, sizes and formations. The goal of designing a considered walk-in is creating a space that combines style and function.

Below are some key points to consider when designing your walk-in!

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What’s in your wardrobe?

Start by considering what your current wardrobe is made up of. If you own a lot of shirts, skirts, jackets, dresses or delicates that need to be hung – hanging space is a priority. Have a look at whether short or long hanging space will be more useful for you. If your current drawers and shelves are overstuffed, invest in more space here.

The beauty of creating your own wardrobe space is that you can customise it to suit your lifestyle, so the more time you have to consider your needs, the better the result.

How much space do you have?

While it’s important to make the most of the space you have available, you want the space to be easy to view and access. If you have limited space, look at using the space vertically – add shelves or baskets all the way to the ceiling for off-season clothing or rarely-used items.

Corners are best used for hanging rails for long dresses and suits that aren’t needed every day. There are plenty of options when it comes to drawers, and your best bet could be to invest in multiple smaller drawers to keep items such as underwear, socks, ties, belts and scarves separate.

Shelves are useful for accessories such as handbags and shoes and can always be converted into DIY drawers with the addition of baskets. If space is no issue, you might even consider a drawer for jewellery.

What extras do you want?

A walk-in robe is typically a luxurious space, but needs to also serve a purpose. Functional additions to consider may include the kind of lighting and finishes used in the space, and whether to use dividers between summer and winter clothing.

If natural lighting is not an option, choose cool lighting that highlights the mirror (creating the illusion of space). Consider your finishes so that the space flows from the rest of the house and looks cohesive and tidy.

Other additions might include a full-length mirror, as well as a chair or ottoman.

If you would like to discuss the design and installation of your walk-in robe, speak to our expert joinery team today.