Top Five Kitchen Features

Top Five Kitchen Features

Posted February 16, 2018

There are so many elements to kitchen design to consider like maximising space, functionality, appliances and storage before you even begin to plan for colours and finishes!

We have selected our top five kitchen features anyone building or renovating should take the time to consider.

An Island Bench

The kitchen is known as the heart of the home, the place where family and friends instinctively gather and spend time together. Naturally, the kitchen is a focal point of the home, becoming a space to express yourself and entertain others. An island bench is a key feature of many kitchens and creates extra space for preparation, storage, enjoying informal meals and room to gather around.

Professional Appliances

McCrindle research report that Australians are becoming more adventurous in the kitchen, taking the time to cook healthy, interesting food. They also report that we increasingly value homecooked meals. Taking a moment to research appliances that will allow you to fulfil your home cooking aspirations could be the key to the kitchen of your dreams and one that makes your life a whole lot easier!

Rollout Shelves

Convenience and functionality are key in kitchens. Forget rummaging around deep in the back of shelves for that pan or spice and install rollout shelves to bring it to you.

Coffee Bar

You won’t find many people that wouldn’t enjoy their very own coffee bar, filling their home with the sweet aroma of fresh coffee in the morning. If you’re a coffee addict and spend more time in your kitchen preparing your brew than preparing food it might just be the right investment.

Large Single Sink

Increasingly people are opting for a larger, single sink over a smaller double.  The logic? More space to wash large items such as pots and pans!