Testimonials – Petite Matisse

Thank you very much for this delightful room and a restful, relaxing last night in Launceston for us. It is indeed as you describe ‘an immersive experience’ and connected us to the marvellous heritage in the streets beyond.

It was so nice to have a delicious breakfast from the comfort of the room.

Thanks again.

Hannah & Tim

A most wonderful experience! This place is indeed perfect for two and so comfortable and convenient. The bathroom design is fantastic.

We played records, watched the apple TV, lolled in the comfy bed with cups of tea and strolled in the gardens, delighted in the breakfast and had the best sleep ever.

Thank you for having such great ideas for accommodation and hospitality. We would love to come back and stay in all the pieces of the collection.

L & S

A lovely place to start our honeymoon in Tasmania. This room provided us with such joy as we were never bored with looking at the furnishings and fixtures. Such attention to detail pleased us very much.

A relaxing and comfortable stay. Many thanks for the special gift on arrival, it has made our stay that much more wonderful.

We are excited for the next time, we believe this to be a jewel in Australia’s accommodation scene.

Thank you all very much

PS the heated floor was a great touch!

Colin & Adele

Very lovely stay and comfortable. Thank you for your welcome.


Thank you for a lovely stay in a beautiful house.

– very peaceful

– relaxing

– attractive beautiful surrounds

– fantastic attention to detail in the garden

– breakfast inclusions were a real treat

We absolutely loved our stay, will definitely return. Thank you.

Lizzy & Dayne

The oasis

The theatre in the garden

all so….

muy bien!


A wonderful place to relax and reflect.

Amazing breakfast also. Thank you for having us.

Graeme & Erin

Everything is lovely here.

Lovely and quiet and special stay.

Thank you.

Vince & Ruth

A wonderful place!

Many thanks

Olivia & Manfred, Dusseldorf

What a stunning place to begin with – and you’ve made it spectacular!

Sarah & Mike