– A fusion of art, design and boutique accommodation; also a fusion of the heritage and the contemporary.

Hatherley Birrell Collection brings together 30 year’s experience in art and design, over 60 design awards, unique heritage and modern architecture spanning 180 years, a private eclectic art collection and local Tasmanian food and wine all within a boutique art hotel experience.

We wish our guests happiness. We believe through beauty, art and design, our souls are enriched. Hatherley Birrell Collection invites you to share wonderful artistic images, creativity and magnificent views to Glover-esque mountains and valleys. The sensory experiences of the tastes of the Tamar Valley, the touch of architecture spanning Robert Dowlings 1830’s colonial home to contemporary 2014 Birrelli designed garden pavilions and immerse yourself in the art of Hatherley.

I don’t remember ever having stayed anywhere as impeccably, uniquely, beautifully, painstakingly and lavishly/sumptuously ( I could go on!) decorated and designed. Thankyou for making me feel so very welcome, and for the art tour…I’m awed at your collection! My apologies though I had a glass of your lovely tawny port…and finished it – sorry! Anyway, very much hope to see you again in the future and that the articles in ‘Lost At Eminor’ will be good for biz.
Jonathan Leeming

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