Kitchens Launceston

Kitchens Launceston

Posted September 30, 2016


kitchens launceston

Do you live in Launceston, Tasmania? Need a new kitchen? Good news, you’re in the right place. In fact, even if you live out of Launceston, and elsewhere in our great state in locations like Hobart, Devonport or Burnie, and you need a new kitchen, you are also in the right place.

At A2 Kitchens and Joinery we can design, build and install your kitchen, no matter how hard or out of the box you feel your request may be (we actually like a challenge!).

Interestingly, even with some of the most out-there kitchens we have built over the years, we have found there are three common reasons why someone may need a new kitchen, which we have listed below:

Your kitchen is not functional

Ever heard yourself saying this before? ‘My top cupboard is just impossible to reach’, ‘this sink is in the silliest position’ or, ‘I don’t have enough space to make dinner on this bench’. All of these comments (plus many more!) are often due to your kitchen just not being functional. We hear this a lot, and it is understandable, things change, but often your kitchen doesn’t – unless you do something about it.

Your kitchen is outdated

Like your clothes, kitchen designs go in and out of fashion. When your kitchen doesn’t fit your style or taste, we find it’s often not anywhere as nice a place to work in. A kitchen refresh may include a complete update of your kitchen (which possibly falls into the renovation section below), or just smaller elements of your kitchen, for example, your bench top or appliance location.

Your kitchen needs renovating

If you have purchased a home and the kitchen is out-of-date, or you’re building a house from scratch, you will likely require a complete kitchen build. This situation can be both exciting and daunting, but whichever way you feel, we can help design, build and install the kitchen you are after.

So, if you’re in Launceston, or anywhere else in the state, and need to re-design your current kitchen so it is more functional, refresh your older kitchen, or build a completely new one, A2 Kitchens and Joinery is able to help you.

To make a time to catch up with one of our team, or to book an appointment to view our showroom which showcases a variety of kitchen ideas, please contact us.

The Team at A2 Kitchens and Joinery – A2 by name, A1 by nature.