Kitchen Styles

Kitchen Styles

Posted November 7, 2016

No room is quite as multifunctional as the kitchen. Considered the heart of the home, and a space that has evolved from a strictly utilitarian unit into a versatile room to prepare food, entertain guests, and possibly most importantly enjoy meals.

When deciding upon your kitchen style, it should in essence reflect your personal style. Classic, modern, Scandinavian or perhaps something else? Selecting a style that suits your tastes and lifestyle is integral.

There is always a new wave of kitchen ideas; with fresh ideas, emerging and ever-changing trends, redefining or celebrating tradition. We have prepared a snapshot of a few kitchen styles to help you determine what kitchen style is most suited to you.


A Scandinavian kitchen design blends functionality with personal prerequisites. It is a timeless style that was born out of rough Nordic winters that demanded traits of simplicity, efficiency, all with a sense of cheerful elegance.

Clean, lined and minimalistic with a hint of colour, warmth of wood and textural details. Scandinavian style is all about a blend of form and functionality with an inviting ambiance. Think – white and light hues; white maximises the natural light while keeping the visual fragmentation to a minimum. Clean straight lines, clutter free and smart organisational solutions really help to achieve the Scandinavian look.

If you have a small kitchen (which is in most cases a lot of us) this design embodies minimalism and organisation.


Photo Credit – Scandinavian Kitchen Designs


What embodies a classic kitchen? The answer is varied, classic and timeless as an obvious start. But, a classic style kitchens also embodies an older world style/feel; detailed trim work, curved edges, natural materials, wood and stone. These are elements that the newest iterations of tradition or classic kitchens you can choose from. Alternatively you can combine elements from each to create a unique kitchen to you.

Intricate handles and knobs, white or cream kitchen cabinets, simple architectural details and black accents all offer a blank slate that can be personalised with contemporary, traditional and eclectic touches.


Photo Credit – Apartment Therapy


Typically, a Georgian kitchen would have been a simple basement room, used by servants. However, today’s kitchen can have a Georgian influence by taking a cue from the classic Georgian characteristics; elegance, symmetry, grand proportions and a sense of light and space.

Think – painted woodwork, cabinets and walls decorated in a single colour with a matte finish. Early Georgian schemes used strong and dark colour while the later ones favoured lighter colours; sky blue, beige and stone. Marble is a material favoured, so are a natural choice for the benchtops and also bring a certain elegance to the kitchen; subtle and understated colours are the perfect partner to the patterns and soft shades of marble.

Clean, delicate and simple are key traits in the appearance of Georgian kitchen, along with proportion and symmetry.

The key feature undoubtedly however is a sense of balance and harmony, with the secrets in the detail.


Photo Credit – Period Living

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