Kitchen storage

Kitchen storage

Posted October 26, 2016

An important part of successfully designing a kitchen is having sufficient storage space. Great storage can help you to stay organised, and keep your cooking space looking clean, clear and stylish.

As well as playing a big role in the aesthetics of a kitchen, storage is also a huge factor in determining how functional and practical your kitchen can be. With good storage solutions, you can make your kitchen a lot easier to live and work in regardless of its shape and size.

If you are in the process of designing a new kitchen and want to know how to make the most of every corner, nook and cranny – here are a few tips and products we would recommend.

Make the most out of your kitchen corners 

Create space with space – as one of the least utilised spaces in the kitchen, the corners of your cabinets and cupboards are perfect for transforming into storage space. By adding extra corner units to create more space for pots, pans and appliances, it will help you get everything tidied away swiftly and easily. We recommend the corner solutions in the Le mans II by Hafele Storage. This product raises the bar for technical quality and motion. It is designed to captivate, and is the one of only corner solution that combines great space utilisation with outstanding access.


Photo Credit – Hafele

Squeezing in a kitchen larder

For your spices, oils and other condiments, we recommend adding a larder to your kitchen design. This helps to create a storage area that is incredibly easy to access whilst being unobtrusive and spacious. It’s possibly an obvious idea, but you’ll be surprised by how much space it frees up – it keeps your spices within reach, giving you back a shelf and in turn creating more room in your kitchen.


Photo Credit – Better Homes and Gardens

Redesign your kitchen drawers

Although they probably contain a lot already, redesigning the interiors of your drawers can make them into an even more useful storage spaces. In particular we like the drawer inserts and accessories range – the Cusio cutler by Hafele Storage. The product helps to customise your drawer system and is perfect for organising cutlery and side elements.


Photo Credit – Hafele

Make kitchen storage part of the look

The aim of many storage ideas is to hide your crockery, cutlery and utensils away. However, you could consider storage units to enhance your kitchen aesthetics – think of wine racks, illuminated shelves. Remember, open storage is often integral when it comes to making the most of small places.

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