Hottest Kitchen Trends For 2019

Hottest Kitchen Trends For 2019

Posted October 8, 2018

With summer rapidly approaching, you may be planning a fresh new look to brighten up your home. At A2 Kitchens and Joinery we have your kitchen renovation needs covered. To kickstart the creative process, we have dug deep to find some of the hottest upcoming kitchen trends for 2019.

Two-Toned Colour Palettes

When it comes to colour and tone for kitchens in 2019, two toned palettes are in, so there’s room to express your personal style while staying on trend.  In some spaces this may mean embracing darker, earthy combinations, such as muddy blue and burnt orange; in others, it might mean chalky white and grey.  The choice is yours.


Streamlined Cabinets

Word on the street is that less is more when it comes to cabinets in 2019.  As the minimalist trend continues, over-counter cabinets are out, in favour of creating a clean, open vibe for the kitchen. Because of this, you might find yourself looking for more creative ways to organise cabinet storage, or even adding a butlers pantry.

Handleless cabinets are also in vogue, to create a streamlined look to the kitchen and detract unnecessary clutter and exposed wood grain is rumoured to be a favourite for cabinetry in the coming year.

Brushed Brass

For sockets, taps, and other kitchen accents, brushed brass will be a kitchen trend in 2019, further adding to the industrial minimalist vibe. Brass has many benefits other than its aesthetic appeal, for one, it’s very durable meaning it will last a lifetime. It also accentuates natural tones, meaning it pairs fantastically with wood or darker surfaces to help warm up the space.  It is also versatile when it comes to style as it can lend itself to both minimalist and vintage kitchen designs.

kitchen tap

Designs That Foster Social Interaction

Continuing in the theme of streamlined design, another trend set to carry on in 2019 is kitchen design that fosters social interaction. Island, U-shaped and L-shaped benches are the perfect way to create an inviting connection between kitchen and dining/living spaces.


Natural Countertops

Creative countertops are an ideal way of injecting some intrigue into the mix. Trends are leaning toward the use of materials such as quartz, granite and marble which have a unique and natural pattern.  Not only are these materials naturally derived and hardy, but they can be used as a show-stopping focal piece for the kitchen. These surfaces are also mightily tough, will last forever and are easy to keep clean.

Creative Flooring

Hardwood flooring and ceramic tiles are the heroes for the modern kitchen.  Large tiles can be used in smaller kitchens to create the illusion of space. These are also preferable due to their durability and ease of maintenance.  Another favourite, hardwood floors can bring a rustic sense of warmth to the space.

Current kitchen trends favour clean lines, minimalism and an air of openness. The right joinery is crucial to make the most out of kitchen space while reducing clutter, and getting creative to find the perfect storage solutions. At A2 kitchens we have a team of experts who can guide you through the kitchen renovation process from design to building and implementation, ensuring that you get the kitchen of your dreams. For more inspiration, have a look at our gallery or contact us directly for a guided tour through our showroom.