Case Study: BladeRunner Hairdressing

Case Study: BladeRunner Hairdressing

Posted December 4, 2018

Today we’d like to introduce you to one of our latest and greatest business fit-outs: BladeRunner Hairdressing in Launceston.

Space and Lighting

The space provided an interesting challenge, being large, long and open. We divided it up using fixtures, to help make the space feel more cosy and less cavernous.

The main hairdressing bench had a solid design and exposed wood grain finish, making it a focal point for breaking up the space. We also used the same timber to craft large, bold mirror frames on the far wall which gave the impression of segmenting the otherwise expansive wall.

To make the ceiling appear lower than it was, we used ‘floating’ mirrors over the centre bench, suspended from a large copper pipe. Again, this segmented the space and gave a trendy, industrial vibe.

Behind the main counter, we used handleless cupboards to continue the clean, streamlined look, while still giving practical storage space.

Because of the length of the space, getting the colour palette and lighting right were really important in making the space inviting. Over the main reception counter we used a set of light fittings in BladeRunner’s signature palette of exposed wood and rose pink. These complimented the colour of the shelves behind, which were lit using strategically positioned down lights to give a luminous effect (and help make their merch look extra enticing!).

The positioning of the large mirrors in the central hairdressing area were another key player in getting the most out of the lighting, by reflecting the glow from the downlights in the ceiling in just the right way so as to give a bit of a celebrity theatre-dressing-room-light sparkle to the customer having their hair done.

Around the salon we had a couple of other bespoke light fittings sprinkled throughout – just for fun!

Colour and Accents

BladeRunner’s colour palette can be described as ‘Feminine Industrial Chic’. Copper and rose pink tones were used throughout along with exposed wood to warm up the space and soften the contrasting black furniture and white walls.

The finer details and accents around the salon also breathed a lot of life into the space, for example with the fun bespoke wooden light fittings, copper detailing around the mirrors, rose gold accessories and with plenty of greenery on the many shelves spread around the salon.


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