5 Ways to Enhance Your Laundry Storage

5 Ways to Enhance Your Laundry Storage

Posted August 18, 2019

Laundries are notorious for being overlooked and undersized. Regardless of the size of your space, designing a laundry that is both functional and stylish will make laundry days a breeze, and keep everything organised and tidy.

Check out the ideas below and get in touch with the A2 Kitchens and Joinery Team to discuss your laundry design.

1. Look up

Mounting cabinets or shelves above your bench is a smart way to add an easy storage solution without taking away from the floor space. Top cupboards are also handy for storing dangerous cleaning supplies out of children’s’ reach. Slim floor to ceiling cupboards are another handy way to store large items such as vacuums, mops, and brooms. Bonus points for adjustable shelving options!

2. Build around appliances

Building a benchtop over your washer and dryer gives additional space for folding clothes. If you’re working with a top loading washer, consider installing a hinged benchtop that folds away when necessary.

3. Use your cupboards

Use your cupboard space for holding items that never seem to be put away! A fold-down ironing board mounted inside a cupboard saves time and effort, while built-in laundry baskets keep dirty clothes off the floor.

4. Add baskets

If you’re considering adding deep cupboards, adding pull-out baskets or drawers makes the space more functional and allows you to grab those hard-to-reach items at the back (without knocking over everything else!).

5. Hooks, rods & extras

With a few small additions to your laundry, you can use the space on wet weather days to hang clothes or delicates to dry. Consider adding a hook to the back of a door, side of a cupboard or wall. Rods installed inside or underneath a shelf, or on a wall creates a drying rack that won’t take up the whole room. These can also be used to hang brooms or mops, leaving floor space for larger items.

The A2 Kitchens and Joinery Team are experts at designing joinery solutions for the laundry, bathroom, kitchen and more. Get in touch today to discuss how we can design and install the perfect laundry for you.